来源:   日期:2019-07-10


There are five main steps in the process of picture album printing: first, the planning of printing, printing things to fit the theme, the way of printing, the size of the layout, the subject matter of the printed matter, the number of colors used in paper or printing, and also the selection of merchants, all of them should be serious, as long as the consultation is good, they can make satisfactory products.
The second point is to stop copywriting, design and layout planning according to the printing plan, which is the process of pre-production. At the same time, it also needs to arrange photography and illustration drawing, and stop cooperating with the corresponding businessmen satisfactorily.
The third point is that according to the preliminary draft of layout planning, its copy, photos and illustrations, correct location and correct color labeling, etc., are arranged on the finished paper in sequence or disposed of in good condition by electronic manuscript, and the specific request instructions indicating the special requests for plate-making are clear. This is the pre-operation of plate-making.
The fourth point is to finish the manuscript and enter the plate-making step. The pictures are scanned by an electronic color separator. The text and lines are photographed by a black-and-white camera, and the correct number of crossings is dashed out. The text and illustrations are put together according to the instructions on the finished manuscript. Then the sun-drying plate is stopped, and the color proofing is printed and sent back to the designer to stop. Correcting. For example, it is necessary to submit the output negatives of the output center for electronic manuscript completion. It is also necessary to fill in the mountain work sheet meticulously or refer to the number of lines and colors and pages of the output of the instruction sheet, the number of lines and pages with clear instructions, and the number of characters and specifications, so as to prevent communication errors and unnecessary losses.
The fourth and final step before printing is to check whether the color proofing meets the stop procedure of all instructions on the manuscript. When correcting the color proofing and correcting it, we must carefully write out the detailed and understandable text or position outline in red pen, and correctly convey it to the plate-making personnel so as to avoid unnecessary. Loss.
The sixth point is that when printing, the corrected four-color screen should be converted into a printing plate and sent to the printing machine, so that the final printing can be started. If you want to get ideal printing waste on the printing press, you need to understand the printing elements, because there are many variable elements, which have a great impact on the quality of printing, so we need to recognize these elements.
The fifth point is that after printing, the final procedure of printing is binding processing. The most commonly used single sheet is cutting, pressing, folding and so on. Decisions should be stopped according to the number of pages in the picture album, the type of paper, the delicacy and the way and purpose of use.