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There are many kinds of folding pages, such as double folding and three folding pages. The folding methods include wrap-up folding, phoenix-piano folding and cross folding. The folding method we introduced today is a kind of folding method similar to two doors'closing. The folding method of multiple folding pages refers to folding over four folding pages. These two folding pages are suitable to be used in the situation of more publicity and exhibition, and are also very effective propaganda. Way. Relevant to other folding, closed folding and multi-folding style is more innovative, folding content classification is more clear, of course, in the content design layout and printing before and after the common folding, three folding will be somewhat different.
Closed folders and folders have a lot in common in printing. The main points to be noticed are as follows:
First, do a good job in the pre-printing design work
Closed folding and multi-folding in the pre-printing design must affirm the folding layout, allocate the content of each page, prevent folding from covering text and pattern information, and prevent the content of colored blocks from crossing the folding position as far as possible. Otherwise, folding may present a situation of explosive edges. It is necessary to clarify which page is frontal, which page is opposite and which direction should be regulated. Layout well, to prevent customers from turning the folding page forward sometimes, and sometimes turning 180 degrees to see, affecting customer experience, thereby weakening the publicity effect.
2. Choosing folding method for folding printing
Closed folding and folding can choose two different folding methods: machine folding and manual folding. The difference lies in the low efficiency and high cost of manual folding, so it is often not the best choice. It is generally applicable to the case of thicker paper materials. And the machine folding efficiency is very high, folding effect is also comparable. Therefore, when shutting down folding and multi-folding printing, the preferred time-saving and labor-saving machine folding method is proposed. But there is a need to pay attention to the selection of better quality paper, because good quality paper is not easy to burst edge problem, of course, under the condition of allowable cost, one-sided or double-sided film is also an effective process choice to avoid burst edge. 
3. Focus on Folding Details in Late Printing Period
When folding doors and folders, make sure that the size of the cover and the bottom is about 0.5 to 1 mm wider than that of the inner fold, and the overall effect will be more beautiful and harmonious. This is a link that needs to think about many factors, from the distribution of layout size designed in the early stage, the precise set on the front and back of printing, to the later stage of folding machine adjustment, all require rich professional experience, so high-quality closed folding printing and multi-folding printing need to make every effort to do a good job in detail.
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