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1. Special-plate printing, a company's printed products are published and printed separately; the color is stable, the speed is faster, the quality is better, and the suitable request is higher than the printing.
2. Mask-up printing, a large version of the same number of companies and sizes of printed matter to print; color difference is very large, cutting will also appear inaccurate, related to the special version, cheap but not guaranteed quality.
3. Collage printing, also known as lapping printing, refers to the typesetting of multiple documents in the same CTP to print, these documents together bear the cost of this batch of prints. It is impossible to guarantee the printing quality of each product. We can only control the printing color from the overall situation. The paper used for spelling printing is medium and low-grade paper in the paper industry. Therefore, customers can not choose different levels of paper. Ink is also very common. The cost of spelling printing is quite favorable. The delivery date can not be scheduled. Only when a CTP version of the document can be assembled can we arrange for publishing and printing. Collage printing is mainly applicable to mass industries, such as training and enrollment, decorative building materials, medical and pharmaceutical, tourism consulting and other industries. If the quantity is small and the minimum initial printing quantity is low, it is advisable to use typesetting. Of course, special industry needs are treated in a special way.
4. Special-plate printing is a separate CTP for each product to print, although it can independently bear the cost of start-up, printing, paper and so on, but the quality of printing has been fully guaranteed, color trackers can keep up with a product; Special-plate can control the delivery time, effectively improve the consumption efficiency, and enhance the consumption cycle.
The cost of special-plate printing is much higher than that of spelling printing. Paper and ink will choose a better level. Customers can choose different levels of paper. The cost of manual printing is also higher than that of spelling printing. Specialized printing can meet the color needs of all industries, of course, without considering the cost, such as real estate, automobiles, ceramics, furniture, clothing and other five industries which have higher requirements for printing color. If document color comparison is complex, printing quality requirements are high and printing quantity is large, it is advisable to choose special printing.
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