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I. Increasing Recognition
Many of us will ask when we see these two words, what the hell? But this is still very well understood, a good product packaging box printing plan can make products, whether packaging, screen content or font, color can achieve better harmony. A lot of merchandisers will often tell our packing and printing factory that although you do it and design the packaging of our products properly, we have given the design fee anyway. You can make it for me. Such a way will only make our design plan not get the approval of customers, but also waste a lot of time of our designers.
In order to prevent these problems from appearing, based on our years of experience, we propose to talk about customer needs before designing for customers, understand customer's packaging design style of past products, customer's understanding of the depth of his industry, and understand these, we will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.
Packing box
2. Increasing Experience
Our packaging design plan is not a big sample, but it can give people a pre-view of the effect of shaping and early experience. If we do packaging design directly without making packaging plan according to the product, as long as our customers keep calling you to correct and not only the customers are tired, we are also very tired.
If we make a product packaging plan, the customer can experience the design style and characteristics of the product in advance, see the packaging effect, whether it meets my request, and what changes have been made in the central demand, it is much better to stop communication between the design plan and the designer than to communicate after discarding the waste products.
Packing and printing factories that can make packaging plans and effects for customers beforehand feel comparable to professional ones. We can also increase the trust of customers by doing so. In this way, in the process of going through the customer gap, what customers feel that they want to change, but unreasonable central, can be expressed through the design plan, so that customers will not question your professionalism, will not feel that you have no talent.
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