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  Books, magazines and magazines are common products in our life, mainly play the role of transmitting information and promoting. If it goes back to their production process, what are the differences between book printing and magazine printing? Now Jinan Printing Factory will introduce the difference between the two.
  I. Different Quality Requirements
  Books and periodicals require better quality, so the paper used is generally better. For example, thickness, grade and so on. Magazines are printed on plain paper.
  Thirdly, in the process of printing, the printer will pay special attention to the quality of books and periodicals, and will be particularly careful to control the quality, such as color difference, overprint, dirty spot control, etc. Magazine printing can be done according to general quality standards.
  2. Different binding methods
  Magazine printing is the book we usually use, such as textbooks or other materials, generally using binding technology, that is, using special binding glue to glue the inner pages of the book together, and then glue together with the cover, it is OK, generally using a special binding machine. The cover is usually made of copperplate paper, which is thicker than the inner page. The whole book can be bent and held in hand.
  The inside pages of books and periodicals are usually thread-locked, that is, to lock the inside pages together with thread, and then glue them, which is more solid and not easy to drop pages. The cover is usually cardboard. The fine printed paper is pasted on the cardboard to form a Book cover, and then the inner pages are pasted on the book shell. Books and periodicals can not be bent. They also look of high grade. Generally, they should be hard-skinned, which makes them thick and exquisite.
  The design of books and periodicals also depends on the proper arrangement and combination. If the text of a printed matter is not arranged properly, the printing will be crowded and disorderly, lacking the order of line of sight flow, which will not only affect the aesthetic feeling of the font itself, but also is not conducive to the effective reading of the audience, and it is difficult to produce a good visual communication effect. In order to create a vivid visual effect of contrast, we can choose the factors of contrast from the aspects of style, size, direction, brightness and shade.
  I hope I can help you by introducing the difference between the printing of books and magazines. In addition, the company specializes in picture album, periodical printing and other services, the product quality is good, thoughtful service. If necessary, you can click on our official website for consultation: