1. Ink color
  The color of the ink depends on the choice and composition of the pigment. In order to meet the needs of commodities and packaging, new ink color varieties have been developed to improve the quality of traditional colors.
  Substrate ink color is often affected by its own chromaticity and ambient light. If the light source is green, red, white, etc. However, if the ambient light or exposure conditions change, such as red light into white ink film, the white packaging printing ink will turn red. Any kind of packaging substrate surface decoration color is not clear at a glance. According to the knowledge of chroma and so on, we should continuously study the color change rule of the ink film in order to print a good product.
  2. Concepts of the same color and different spectrum in printing and decoration
  In order to meet the needs of Jinan packaging printing ink color varieties, only a few colors are not enough. It is necessary to go through a certain color matching process in order to get the requirements of color ink serialization of products on the market. The new color phase is obtained by printing intermediate color or compound color, which conforms to the regular packaging printing law and color matching law.
  In order to achieve the above requirements, the concept of homochromatic and heterochromatic is proposed. The spectral distribution of different color ink samples is very important for color matching of color packaging printing ink. In other words, using different ink colors can be deployed to the same ink color varieties. The actual color matching can only reach a certain degree of approximation, which can be evaluated by the shape of spectral reflection factor curve. The more similar the reflectance factor curves of the two samples are, the more overlapped and the more intersected points are, the more it can be proved that the color of the mixed samples is similar to that of the samples. The quantitative analysis is also carried out by calculating the difference of chroma between the two ink samples. To show how consistent their colors are.
  3. Basic knowledge of color distribution
  In the packaging printing ink system, the binding is a colorless or micro color liquid, the refractive index is very close to water, so the binding has a certain degree of transparency, when adding color, filling, because of color, block light, resulting in changes in the optical properties of the ink.
  When the sun shines on the yellow ink film, it absorbs the blue spectrum of sunlight and emits yellow and green light. When the reflected yellow and green light meet the blue pigment particles, the reflected blue light tends to absorb only the green light. After a series of reflection and refraction, there is a green ink film. Therefore, we call the mixing of this ink subtraction (absorbing the wavelength needed by each other, but not the spectral reflection of absorption), which is the source of mixing (or multicolor).
  In China's packaging printing ink industry, due to the principle of subtraction, three complementary primary colors are used.
  Our printing factory in Jinan uses a variety of ink colors to create a variety of ink colors.
  If the color decoration design of packaging printing is fully conceived, three primary colors of yellow, magenta, green, three red, green, blue, and then four complex purple, olive green, black, bronze can be combined into a new form of expression. If you know different ink tones (tones), different ink brightness and color combination ink colors are distributed together, It will also give people a soft and beautiful feeling of harmony.
  At home and abroad packaging ink color card, color selection, in addition to three main colors, the vast majority of composite colors, complex (combination) distribution itself is a color science, packaging and printing color preparation or final use of our visual inspection to check its effect, good, bad, advantages and disadvantages. We need to decorate the whole series of colors for the use of packaging, printing and decoration colors, and constantly adjust the working and living environment, which will give people a benign stimulation and help improve the quality of work and life.
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